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Did David Beckham Have A Hair Transplant?

David Beckham has been at the forefront of men’s fashion and trends. However, his thinning thatch was stealing the headlines a few months back. But in recent months, David’s hair has been reinvigorated adding to the speculation that David Beckham may have had a possible hair transplant. In this article, we will discuss whether or not this is true.

David Beckham - Possible FUE Hair Transplant?

Many have speculated that David Beckham has undergone a Follicular Unit Excision (formerly known as follicular unit extraction FUE) procedure. The FUE hair transplant is a minimally invasive procedure that involves a surgeon removing each follicular unit one by one with the use of a small punch. The FUE procedure has a shorter recovery period over the alternative donor harvesting technique known as Follicular Unit Strip Surgery (FUSS) procedure.

The FUSS procedure is performed by excising a strip of hair bearing tissue that is dissected and transplanted in to the balding area. The strip procedure leaves a thin linear scar on the sides and back of the scalp known as the donor area. This hair restoration surgical technique is suited for individuals with severe hair loss. However, the majority of individuals with minimal hair loss and active lifestyles generally choose the FUE procedure.

David Beckham Could Be Using Hair Loss Concealers

Recently, David Beckham has been seen sporting a much fuller head of hair, but the hair color appears to be darker than his natural blonde locks. This has left many to speculate that he may be using popular hair loss concealers such as Toppik or DermMatch.

Toppik contains magnetically charged fibers that binds to thinning hair follicles and makes them appear fuller and thicker.

DermMatch is a hard-packed powder formula that matches the color of the scalp with the individuals hair. This provides the appearance of a fuller head of hair.


A hair transplant takes 12-18 months to fully manifest and David Beckham was seen sporting a fuller head of hair in just a few months. Therefore, it is unlikely that David would have seen significant hair growth from a hair transplant in such a short period of time. Furthermore, the color of David’s hair has been much darker than his natural hair color. It is likely that David has been using a hair fiber spray to thicken his locks. Unfortunately, the spray can appear unnatural if the color doesn’t match the individuals natural hair color. With that said, David Beckham has more than enough hair to use a fiber spray. However, he would probably look better if he chose a fiber spray a shade lighter than the one he has been using.

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